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Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight? | Chlorogenic Acid
Chlorogenic Acid in Green Coffee Bean Extract

Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

With all of the latest hype surround Green Coffee Bean extract, the question that is being asked a lot these days is “can you lose weight drinking coffee?”

This is in interesting question that requires you to look at the question in a couple of different ways.

The first thing to ask yourself is: Of the people you know that are severely overweight (including yourself), how many of them are coffee drinkers?  And do not count anyone that drinks coffee from any specialty shops (Starbucks, etc).  This is because coffee drinkers who tend to drink other than coffee from a pot tend to have coffee shots put a lot of flavoring in their coffees to make it taste better.  I bet your list of people you know that drink coffee and are overweight just got a lot smaller.

Next ask yourself this question: Of the people you know that are severely overweight (including yourself), how many of them are diet soda drinkers?  I bet your list just got a lot longer and you have probably found yourself on this list.  This question is actually more of a dilemma than you may realize.  Does this mean that diet soda does not help you lose / maintain weight, or does this just mean that overweight people tend to drink diet soda than non-overweight people?  To better understand this you can compare this question to this question:  Why do people in a wheelchair park more than people not in a wheelchair in a handicap parking spot?  The answer has nothing to do with the parking question, but the fact that they are in wheelchairs.  If the person was not in a wheelchair they would not be parking in a handicap spot (unless they are a dirt-bag). If you were not struggling with your weight, would you be drinking diet soda?  Regardless as to the why, we can safely say this – diet soda has never been shown to help lose weight.  While it does help lower your overall caloric intake, diet soda alone will not help you lose weight.

Back to the coffee question.  It appears that people who do drink “coffee pot” coffee and not high caloric coffee drinks are much thinner and less likely to struggle with weight than non-coffee drinkers.  Isn’t it also interesting to note that with each passing generation there are fewer and fewer “coffee pot” drinkers and we as a society are getting bigger and bigger.   No one in my or my wife’s previous family generations struggled with weight issues.  Parents, grand-parents, great-grand parents, aunts, uncles, etc.  They were all “coffee pot” drinkers, we are not.

However, based on the latest scientific findings on Green Tea Coffee Bean Extract, there is not enough extract in a cup of coffee to help you reduce weight.  So what about coffee drinkers actually make them healthier in terms of weight?  There are several  factors that are involved:

-         Heat:  Coffee is served hot.  Years of scientific research has shown that hot liquids fill your stomach faster and longer than cold beverages.  This is why the medical community recommends eating a bowl of low calorie soup prior to a meal to feel fuller faster.

-         Heat II:  By drinking a hot beverage your metabolism actually runs at a higher rate than when you drink a cool drink.  This fact is behind the recommendation of eating spicy foods to increase your metabolism

-         Water:  Coffee is just water flavored with some beans.  There are no real nutrients in coffee.  That is actually a good thing because unless you are adding things to your coffee, coffee contains almost no calories, fat, sodium, etc.  Ask any medical professional the best way to lose weight and water will be at the top of their recommendation list. Water helps keep you full, it continually flushes out your system and it prevents you from thinking you are hungry when you are actually just thirsty.

-         Cumulative effect: The ground breaking Norwegian study in 2007 and the latest in the United States in 2012 was for a 12 week period.  They studied the impact of Coffee Bean Extract in massive doses to help reduce the amount of glucose entering the blood stream.  While it does not appear that there is enough Chlorogenic Acid (effective nutrient in green coffee bean extract), the cumulative effect of a life long coffee drinker was not studied.  I believe that coffee everyday, several times per day, for many years, actually allows the Chlorogenic Acid to build up in the body, thereby providing the glucose inhibitors.

The take away from this is to show you that despite what you heard. “coffee pot” coffee is actually good for you, while no one has been able to show any health benefits from drinking diet soda.


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